Terms of Use

Terms Of Use of Sports Fantech Ltd. for the usage of yourfootballmanager.com


These terms of use define the contractual relationship between the parties, Sports Fantech Ltd., from now on referred to as "SFT", and you, "you" as a user, from now on referred to as "client" or „user“.

First and foremost , SFT’s Fantasy Sport Football Manager is a game of skill and knowledge of different types of sport. The user ranking for certain competitions, depends on the selected team lineup and overall game strategy for certain sport events.

Force Majeure Event

In the event of force majeure SFT may not be held accountable for "acts of God," such as hurricanes, severe and extraordinary weather, fire, acts of terrorism, governments intervening or any factors not under the control of SFT. An "act of God" or extraordinary circumstances beyond SFT’s control will not result in a breach of our agreement with the user.

In the event that any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effective. Failure of a party to enforce any right or provision of this agreement will not be deemed as a waiver of such right.

Should there be any discrepancy between the Terms of Conditions in the English language and the version in any other language, the English version will supersede. Thus, the prevailing language in case of interpretation will be the English language.

When agreeing to the terms of use, SFT’s users agree and understand that certain contests might require an entry / service fee and that they might lose their rendered deposits while using SFT’s services.


Please be advised to review these terms of use due diligently, before using our football manager. By accessing the backend and clicking accept within our billing process, you accept our published Rules and Scoring System.

The handling of information is described in close detail within our published Privacy Notice. If you do not agree to all outlined terms of use, then you may not access or participate in our Football Manager Game.

We request that you check the pages Terms Of Use and Privacy Notice, which are located on SFT websites, periodically to keep up to date.


As a contractual partner, the company Sports Fantech Ltd. resides at the following corporate address:

Villa Malitah, Mediterranean Street, The Village, St. Julians, STJ 1870, Malta.


The user and SFT execute this agreement that can only be disputed in Malta. All legal claims, disputes and otherwise disagreements will be settled via the Maltese legal court system.

Conditions of Participation

This Agreement becomes effective upon the successful completion of the registration process while confirming that you are at least 18 years of age and accepting the published Terms Of Use and Privacy Notice.

SFT reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, update or replace the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice at any time. In the event of contractual modifications, the new version shall take effect as soon as the updates are posted to this website. Also, registered “users” / “players” of the site will be informed about the updates per email notification.

If you cannot agree to the most recent version of Terms of Use, you must stop your use of SFT services with immediacy. Furthermore, in the event you do not agree to any amendments to these Terms of Use, you must stop using the Services and close your account with SFT. In any of the two events outlined above, the unamended Terms of Use shall apply to your relationship with SFT.

SFT reserves the right to deny membership status to anyone, as well as cancel or withhold any withdrawals for winning competitions from anyone. Moreover, SFT reserves the right to require evidence which confirms user compliance with the terms and conditions of the site prior to awards being distributed.

Users of this website are only allowed to maintain one active user account for the participation and the ongoing activities of the site. In the event that SFT discovers that a user is operating more than one user account, all access to the related user accounts is terminated indefinitely with immediacy. The award of pending prizes will be revoked, and SFT reserves the right to take legal action in an effort to recover any monetary funds or value deemed earned while in violation of our terms of service.

Professional athletes are not permitted to participate in any SFT contests in which they or any member of their teammates takes part in. Furthermore, strictly forbidden is the participation of persons that are acting as referee, official or judge of any professionally managed league.


SFT Services are only available for use for individuals legally capable of forming legally binding contracts with SFT under the applicable laws residing in the individuals’ location or domicile. The Individual / Client is responsible for understanding gambling laws under their location’s jurisdiction. Interpretation of laws governing the state, country or region is the sole responsibility of the individual / client;

By registering as a user of SFT’s fantasy sports site, your open account’s current information, such as address, is always considered your legal residence or jurisdiction. Registered users are bound by our terms of service to keep current address (your current address) updated;

By registering as a user of SFT’s fantasy sports site, you acknowledge that your account’s current listed residence, legal jurisdiction or state does not have any laws or legislation which prohibit any gambling or sports betting which would deem your activity on our SFT fantasy sports site as illegal;

By registering as a user of SFT’s fantasy sports site, you acknowledge and confirm that you must act according to the rules and regulations of our terms of service. You are bound by all amendments to our terms of service and any agreements between SFT and yourself;

SFT Fantasy Sports services and games are declined to anyone, not of 18 years of age or older. Anyone under the age of 18 will be considered a minor and promptly declined services by SFT. Users, players, and clients who do not meet the specific age guidelines noted in our terms of service should not attempt to open an account. Individuals, users, are required to understand minimum age requirements allowing participation in gaming services within their own location’s, jurisdiction’s law. Users, individuals who open SFT accounts maintain they are the age of 18 years or older. They also confirm an in-depth, competent understanding of regional age requirements, even those beyond the age of 18 years, and will act according to those regional laws;

SFT Fantasy Sports reserves the right to require individuals, clients, to show proof of age. SFT Fantasy Sports reserves this right and may act without suspicion or reason;

SFT will not be held accountable for users who violate our terms of service; this includes minors or parties other than the individual account holder. The account holder is responsible for protecting their account and personal information;

SFT’s services are explicitly unavailable in any jurisdiction, state or region who may determine our services as illegal.;

SFT’s reserves the right to restrict the access to the site for certain countries.

SFT allows only one account per individual. SFT will promptly terminate any account holder discovered to be operating more than one account. Termination will include revoking the awarding of any prizes.

Individuals who register accounts with SFT represent that they are not subject to backup tax withholding in their jurisdiction, territory or country. Individuals also represent that their country, territory or jurisdiction has never notified them of any failures to report income, interest or dividends. The individual, through registration and having an active account with SFT, agrees that they are not the subject of backup tax withholding.

SFT reserves the right to terminate or suspend any account which is deemed to be not compliant with SFT’s policies, rules and regulations, terms of service. In doing so, SFT also reserves the right to revoke award prizes for accounts who are found to be out of compliance with SFT’s policies, rules and regulations, terms of service.

SFT employees are forbidden from participating in our gaming service. They are further ruled ineligible for collecting award prizes. SFT consultants or promoters of the site may themselves, participate fully in our site. Promoter(s) or consultant(s) deemed to have access to specific data useful for the purposes of influencing gaming results will be considered ineligible for play and for award prizes. SFT employees may access the site and services for purposes deemed to be in- line with testing for user experiences for the sake of product enhancement.

Professional athletes may not participate in game contest whereas their own team is involved or current roster teammates are involved.

The individual (you) agree, acknowledge that contests which require entry fees could result in a loss of said entry fees. You agree to the inherent, clearly-stated risk of financial losses.

SFT may be required to suspend or terminate the Services due to regulatory or legal requirements or the requirements of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. SFT abides by, without flexibility, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, even if those regulations require that SFT terminates or suspend our service.

Statistical Data Provider

Statistical Surveys used in the algorithm for allocating points is conducted by data provider, enetpulse.com. The third-party data provider Enetpulse.com is responsible for updating statistical information regarding player’s performance for certain competitions.

Regardless of the competition, the users of SFT must apply their expertise and tactical skills based on the targeted sports event. For each competition, a team of 11 players needs to be selected in time. The assignment of points for the performance of the selected players is based on the following point rules: FAQ


The term "user" or "player" refers to any adult person who explicitly opens a user account or takes part in competitions on the website while inherently agreeing to all outlined rules and terms of use of SFT. "Website" refers to the domain URL www.yourfootballmanager.com and all other sites accessible via links. Including all available electronic content and software of SFT.

"Terms" will be understood as the terms of SFT, which have been clearly stated.

„Log files" will be understood as the login data which allows the ability to log into SFT. These files consist of an "e-mail" and "Password" in combination.

"Users" will be considered persons of a minimum legal age of 18-years.

"Registration Form" will be understood as the form whereas data, at times personal or critical, is entered allowing a user to login to SFT properties.

"Balance" will be understood as the sum of contributions which reside in a user’s account for game purposes.

"Bank data" is understood as the user’s banking information, typically including bank account information, bank routing information and bank address, which allow SFT to disperse any owed award payments.

"Competitions" will be understood as any game scenarios or types offered or created by SFT.

"Entry fee" will be understood as the initial financial obligation / deposit used to participate in certain competitions.

"Participants" are understood as the users, or players, who participate in SFT contests.

"Prize" is understood as the award paid out for specified competitions. The award can be financial or otherwise, as declared and stated by SFT prior to a user’s participation.

"Services" should assume financial obligations on the part of SFT for product management, technology, marketing, and statistical data fees.

"Software" implies and specifies any and all programs, data collection, data display programs, and databases.

"Account" is a term understood to mean the account an individual opened and maintained using current, truthful personal information. Accounts allow users to compete in our competitions.

Types of Winners

Price Status – "1 Winner" – The highest placing user who receives the sum of the award money, less VAT tax and service fees.

Price Status - "TOP3" – This is interpreted as the top three placed users in a contest who are distributed award money, less VAT tax, and service fees. Award prize is divided up as follows: 1st winner collects 70%, 2nd is 20%, and 3rd is 10% of remaining deposits held over.

Price Status - "H2H" – (head to head). In this scenario, only two users are involved in competition. Head to head assumes the players are in competition against each other. Winner receives the sum of the award money, less VAT tax and service fees.

All balances are understood to remove VAT tax and service fees. After VAT tax and service fees, 70% will be distributed to winners.

Registration Information

Registration is required in order to set up an account with SFT. In setting up an account, a user should understand that SFT will need to obtain personal information for the sake of creating the account. Information such as age verification and address are both considered valid registration request. SFT reserves the right to confirm account information throughout the user’s duration of being a SFT account holder. You agree to maintain your account with accurate, truthful information. SFT is not accountable for any false information provided and reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts, not in compliance. Award prizes, financial or otherwise, will not be distributed to any users determined to be in violation of account accuracy as described at length above. User information is subject to SFT’s terms of service and Privacy Policy. SFT reserves the right to refuse an account for you.

Game Rules

In order to win a SFT contest, a user must understand that SFT contests are games of skill. Skill includes competency and understanding of professional sports and general fantasy rules, including SFT’s fantasy contest rules. Fantasy points are accumulated via the performances of various professional human athletes. SFT uses multiple sports. Athletes are real humans whose statistics are associated with SFT’s fantasy gaming setup. All SFT fantasy lineups will include 11 real-world, professional human athletes. Winners of SFT contests are determined by a user’s understanding of specific, contest-related fantasy sports as well as their grasp of specified, posted fantasy sports rules. Human Athletes shall accumulate points thereby resulting in eventual winners of SFT contests.

Contest Terms

SFT uses multiple professional sports as the basis of it’s games. Sporting events are usually determined on a daily basis though some contest may state that weekly determinations are applied.

Editing a team roster

SFT lineups are editable until the start time of related sporting events. A lineup is edited by simply clicking the edit button near the lineup display. When related, pertinent sporting events begin, your lineup is no longer eligible for editing or strategic manipulation.

Entry cancellation

SFT reserves the right to terminate any games whereas SFT determines that the game is not adequately filled with users. We also reserve the right to cancel any contests which were created out of error or display awards which aren’t accurate. SFT will always refund any assumed entry fees back to the user after a contest or game is terminated due to a SFT error. SFT may combine contest or games which have all been determined to have inadequate user entries. In this way, SFT betters the experience of the user by still holding the contests of equally valued awards each of which may not have met user volume criteria. You may cancel your entry into a contest that isn’t filled within 15 minutes of a contest start time. After 15 minutes, the cancellation function is cancelled regardless of contest user capacity. The head-to- head contest can not be cancelled even if at the request of each competing player. SFT cancellation requests should be accomplished via an application. Emails, telephone calls, and mail are not considered sufficient means of communications for cancellations.

Fees and Charges

SFT list our contest entry fees in EURO currency. Currency translation in your region, jurisdiction or country should be assumed by you, the user. Entry fees will be deducted from your SFT account when you choose to participate in a contest. Entry fees are always tied to the account of origin; meaning, an account’s contest entry fee cannot be disputed for any reasons. If SFT determines that a user did not, in fact, submit an entry fee, that user’s prize will be terminated and SFT reserves the right to terminate or suspend the account in violation.


Contest winners are announced right after the competition unless further contest and user authenticity is necessary, in which case, SFT reserves the right to hold back winner determinations until appropriate, accurate determinations can be specified.

SFT will announce the entry fees and awards / prizes prior to each contest. Users are communicated contest prizes and contest specifics prior to issuing their entry fee. The capacity or volume of entries does not manipulate the prize amounts. Prizes shall be awarded to users who accumulate the most fantasy points from their pre-determined lineups. SFT is prohibited from using metrics such as point spread or game score as results for determining winners.

Winners should expect prizes to be added to the user’s account balance with 24-hours of such determinations. SFT may, in some cases, offer contest free of any awards and prizes. These contests would be considered strictly for a user’s entertainment or risk-free refinement of skills.

In the case of a tie (draw) in a SFT contest, the prize shall be divided up amongst participating users of that specific contest. Only in cases whereas the original contest rules state otherwise, this will always be the assumed resolution to ties. Highest individual scoring athletes can be used as tie breakers. This would be true infinitely down the board (athletes with the highest score down to next highest score, and so forth, with consistency). If in the rare case a tie still cannot be broken, the user who submitted their team first will be determined the winner.

Prize calculations

Prize calculations are based on entry fee sums (subject to VAT and service fees), entered users final tallied scoring and Enetpulse.com’s statistical data interpretations / software. As mentioned prior, SFT reserves the right to authenticate winning results if questions over said results arise. Enetpulse.com will help determine the legitimacy of SFT winners. Users may not transfer their prizes to other users under any circumstances. Prize taxes are the user’s sole responsibility, and SFT can never be held responsible. Legal challenges regarding the distribution of prizes can be considered a reason to not award a user a prize.

Professional sports leagues often make statistical adjustments after contest ends; these data manipulations will not affect SFT contest results after prize awards have been distributed. If a technical error on the part of Enetpulse.com occurs, a correction and reversal may take place.


SFT reserves the right to request an affidavit of eligibility from winners to ensure legitimacy to claims. These affidavits may be requested to be returned by mail or email, which may or may not involve specified, relevant tax forms. If a user fails to comply with this requirement, it will result in SFT disqualifying the user and their results from the contest.

Deposits and withdrawals

SFT holds deposits as well as player winnings in a separate bank account, remaining under the control of SFT. This could result in checks or deposits from unique sub-companies of SFT. This changes nothing in the terms of awards or user winnings / deposits. User withdrawals require a valid mailing address, copy of passport or state ID, date of birth for the sole purposes of user authentication. SFT reserves the right to request this information at any time it deems necessary.

Signup Bonus

All granted signup bonuses allow our users to partake in events with cash prices at no cost to them. However, the granted virtual credits can’t be directly withdrawn in form of cash payouts without having engaged into a competition with an equivalent entrance fee. In short, all signup bonuses have to be initially spent in form of entrance fees for our ongoing competitions.

User Content

You acknowledge and accept that the production of all user content, including, but not limited to, messages, images, profile information, is the sole responsibility of the user. In this case, SFT is not responsible for the security of this information. SFT is not liable for user content, nor acknowledges any responsibility regarding it. User content is generated via sharing functions, emails, post, as well as any function allowing profile alterations or image uploads. You understand that SFT may screen user content. During a screening process, SFT may choose to delete / remove user content without prior consent by the user.

You acknowledge that any content you choose to upload to SFT, as a user, does not violate international or local laws. SFT strictly forbids the posting, sharing, or uploading of hate speech, obscenity or adult content.

You understand that you may interact with, or view, content that you find offensive. You understand that this exposure is not the responsibility of SFT, rather, the user’s inherent risk assumed when using SFT. Users may cease / discontinue the use of SFT at any time they deem necessary.

You understand that by registering at SFT, you grant SFT a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, distribute, publish, modify, advertise all user content. This gives SFT the legal right to adapt any user content it sees fit for any purposes.

SFT is not responsible for disputes between users.

Legal Restrictions

Users are solely responsible for understanding the legality of Daily Fantasy Sports in their country, states, jurisdiction or territory. The ability to access SFT via online portals does not ensure any legal compliance. By registering for SFT, users agree that the use of SFT is legal in their country, states, jurisdiction or territory.

SFT does not accept or assume the position of legal representation for any users. SFT will not serve as a legal advisor to a user. The use of SFT is optional and local legalities, and regulations must be considered and understood by the user. Users are responsible for their own legal advice independent of SFT. By registering with SFT, users acknowledge that gaming services, specifically SFT, is legal in their region, country or jurisdiction.

SFT intends for it’s web gaming property to be used only in countries whereas Daily Fantasy Sport model is legal. Using our service in countries whereas online gambling is illegal is not authorized by SFT as a company. The user obtains sole responsibility in understanding the laws of their region and acting in accordance with those laws. Gambling while under the age of 18 years is an illegal act. SFT uses electronic age verification tactics to help ensure compliance. SFT reserves the right to request further age verification documentation from you, via mail, email or otherwise SFT does not condone the misuse or illegal use of our service.

SFT checks financial transactions in an effort to prevent money laundering tactics.

Anti-money Laundering Procedures

SFT strictly prohibits the use (abuse) of SFT’s web properties for the tactic of money laundering. SFT deploys frequent, pervasive efforts to prevent money laundering. Any user who attempts to, or is found to, participate in money laundering setups will be terminated and have deposits and awards terminated. It is important that the user understands that money laundering is a criminal behavior in which SFT does not condone. SFT will oblige legal request for further information regarding the criminal prosecution of those suspected of using our web property for money laundering purposes.

In an effort to prevent the ability to money launder by any users, SFT only pays SFT account holders using the credit card on file. SFT will only pay the user in this way. The users name must appear on the card in the user’s account before SFT can transfer award funds.

Accounts using aliases will be terminated. Users are allowed only one authentic account per person. If SFT determines that an account is a second account, or uses an alias, all awards will be held, and the accounts will be terminated. SFT may ask users for additional information in order to further prove an account’s authenticity. SFT makes every effort to assure legal compliance of user accounts.

Transferred funds are often checked as a method to prevent the act of money laundering.

Any user found to be in violation of SFT’s anti-money laundering terms, and conditions will be immediately terminated.

Information Accuracy & Verification

Users understand that by registering with SFT’s web properties, all submitted information is legitimate and accurate. The user further understands that user account information must be maintained as current, including address and tax information. SFT reserves the right to, without prior request from the user, verify the legitimacy and current status of this information. SFT reserves the right to terminate any user account found to be non-compliant regarding updated, current information.

Termination and suspension

SFT reserves the right to terminate accounts and / or SFT services without prior notice. SFT is not liable for account terminations or service cancellations. Users who have their accounts terminated will have no further access or rights to SFT’s web properties.

SFT users are in an at-will relationship with SFT. Users are not obligated to give any prior notice when terminating their account with SFT. It is understood that SFT users are free to terminate their accounts at any point in time.

Termination does not cancel any prior terms of use or terms of service which may affect the post-termination. This includes uploaded content or financial transactions. All ownership provisions, indemnity, and warranties remain intact following termination by the user or by SFT.


User agrees to indemnify SFT and all SFT related companies, including their parent company, subsidiaries, officers, partners, employees and affiliates from any loss, claim, liability, demands. This includes attorney fees incurred by users seeking damage claims against SFT related to user’s breach of SFT’s terms of use and terms of service.

Warranty Disclaimers

SFT does not express or imply the existence of a warranty. Users understand that the use of SFT’s web properties is solely their choice, and they assume all inherent risk in doing so. SFT does not claim to offer a warranty. SFT possesses no control over how content may affect you. SFT maintains no control over how content you are subjected to will make you feel. The user’s interpretation of SFT content is the user’s personal risk in use of SFT’s web properties and services. You release SFT from all liability for you having acquired or not acquired content through SFT’s web properties and gaming services.

SFT may expose you to content you find offensive, obscene or not appropriate. SFT makes no representations regarding any content discovered on SFT’s web properties or throughout our gaming service experience. SFT is not responsible for liable or copyright compliance or decency standards involving content.

Limited Liability

You understand that SFT is not liable for any damages to you. Damages include anything occurring indirectly, incidentally, of consequential. SFT is not responsible for financial or data losses: the user agrees to assume these risk at the point of registration for SFT web property and gaming services. SFT assumes no responsibility for damage claims even if users prior informed SFT of potential damages.

SFT is not responsible for damages caused by unauthorized access or transmission of your data; conduct of third parties using SFT services; matters related to the user of SFT web properties and services.

SFT does not exclude any liability in jurisdictions which do not allow such exclusions. Cases of death or personal injury are liabilities which cannot be excluded by law.

Intellectual Property Rights

Users agree not to commit acts of copyright infringements. Users agree not to copy or redistribute, broadcast or redistribute, license or sell, any content located on SFT’s web properties without the expressed written consent of SFT or specific user accounts where copyrights may be applied by users. SFT reserves the right to decline the use of SFT’s intellectual content.

SFT’s web property and gaming services express intellectual property rights over the associated software, written text, scripts, images, photos, graphics, logos, sounds, music, videos and any SFT features, all of which shall be considered intellectual property. All aforementioned components are subject to copyrights, and no authorization is given to users for any other use not expressed in written consent by authorized SFT personnel.

Complaints & Customer Support

You may email our customer support at [email protected] in matters of general questions or technical issues. Please contact [email protected] for all other complaints.