Playing fantasy football is VERY easy, just follow these simple steps:

1.Select a daily event

In the lobby you will find upcoming daily events. Each event has at least 2 games which are played during that day (or round on a round based event).
You can select an event based on the following parameters:
  • Competition - for example: German league or European champions league
  • Entry Fee
  • Game Type - for example: 1WINNER or TOP3

2.Build your team

Pick players from all the available teams that take part in that particular event.
Salary Cap - Every participant starts with the same budget to select players for his team.
For the UTIL position you can select a midfielder,forwarder or a defender, it’s all up to you.

3.Players Statistics

Clicking on the player will bring up his short history and statistics based on his real life events.
The players you pick for every position will be rewarded with points based on their real life performance in the game of that event.
For example, if your player scored a goal, your Goalkeeper saved a goal attempt or even losing points when your player commitis a foul. There are planty of ingame actions your selected players are rewarded points for, it’s all in the FAQ.

4.Check the live game events

During the games you can check your team’s progress in the event. Your players points, your current rank and the overall games live scores.
Ready? Go to the lobby and start winning!