1.what is "Daily Fantasy Sports"?

Daily fantasy sports are similar to regular fantasy sports with the main exception that the entire contest starts and ends in a much shorter time frame. Contests can last one,two or three days. for example: a saturday round of the league with 6 games that day can be a contest. You pick a team full of players based on salary budget from the teams that play in that contest, and those players earn points by doing well on the field.

2.how do I enter a contest?

There are many types of contests per league or cup. every contest has a different "Entry Fee" or "Payout Types" or amount of participants. Entry Fee - this can either be free entry or real money paid entry with real money prizes. Payout Types - We have 5 different type of games:

  • 1WINNER - only 1 winner takes the prize.
  • TOP3 - 3 winners split the prize amount between them broken to percentage based wins
  • TOP5 - 5 winners split the prize amount between them broken to percentage based wins
  • H2H - Head to Head - 2 players, 1 winner.
  • 50DOUBLE - 50% of the players split 50% of the prize.

3.Do i need to submit a new team for every contest?

Yes. in daily fantasy every contest is a dedicated event. you select a new team every time you enter a contest. in contests which allow multiple entries you can submit multiple different teams for multiple entry fees. you can select the same team in different contests as well.

4.Cancelled events

For each type of contest there is a minimum amount of players needed in order to run the contest.

  • TOP3 - minimum 5 players
  • TOP5 - minimum 10 players
  • H2H - minimum (and maximum) 2 players
  • 50DOUBLE - minimum 2 players
  • 1 WINNER - minimum 2 players
If the minimum amount of players did NOT join to a specific contest, the contest is being canceled and the entry fee is fully returned to the user. Some contests allow multiple entries by the same player, the minimum players requirement means actual users and not entries.

5.Changes to a submitted team

You are allowed to change your team up to the start time of the first game in a contest. after any game started in a contest you can no longer submit changes to your team in that contest.

6.scoring - the current scoring description below

cy-1 Yellow Cards
* a Player getting 2 yellow card will also get a red card and will be deducted 2xcy and 1xcr
cr-3 Red Card
cs_DF3 Clean Sheet Defense
* Must be playing at least 60 minutes
cs_GK5 Clean Sheet Goal Keeper
* Must be playing at least 60 minutes
min0.1 Minutes played
* including Injury time and extra time, not including penalties shootout
og-6 Own Goals
g9 Goals
g_DF13 Goals(DF,GK)
win_GK3 Win Goal Keeper
* Must be playing at least 60 minutes
fc-0.5 Fouls Comitted
sot1 Shots On Target
pi_DF-0.5 PassIntercept(DF)
as6 Assist
sa2 Saves(GK)
pm-5 Penalty Miss
ps9 Penalty Save(GK)
fw1 Fouls Won